Personal Data And Cookies

When you visit every website you can share some personal data from basic stuff like which language you speak, which city or country you live, to more complex things like which ads you’ll find most useful or which YouTube videos you might like. That information is used, depends on how you use and how you manage your privacy controls. Cookies are tiny files are downloaded to your computer. Websites can often use cookies and personal data for providing and improving their services, developing new services, providing personalized services (content, ads). But you can manage what data will see website developers or owners depends on your wishes. We'll describe how you can change your privacy control on this website below.

How Lingvofon Uses Cookies And Your Personal Data

We don't use own cookies for collecting personal data of our users. We need cookie only for swithing the black theme for the website and turning on/off the bottom warning about using your personal data and cookie. But we work with Third Party Services - Google AdSense and Google Analytics. So these Third Party Services can use your personal data for us (for example - Google Analytics). We inform you we retain your data in Google Analytics for limited period not more than 26 months, after that Google Analytics has to delete data.

Which Providers Receive Users' Personal Data From Lingvofon

Ad technology providers (including Google and some another networks) use some personal data to show you personalized ads or to report on conversions.

Please use the next link to control your online advertising preferences - There you can set your preferences for advertising companies from the list above, as well as for another advertising providers.

Change Ad Personalisation

You can manage your preferences about the ads shown to you on this site on Google, because this site is partner AdSense by Google.
You can modify your interests, choose whether your personal information is used to make ads more relevant to you, and turn on or off certain advertising services. We inform you that you can modify your personal information is used to make ads more relevant and turn on or off certain advertising services by Google whenever you want.
Ad settings by Google -
Ad settings by Your Online Choices -

Which Cookies Lingvofon Uses




theme (for swithing on/off the black theme)

during a user session

displayCookieConsent (for turning on/off the bottom dialog about using cookies and personal data)

1 year


Google Analytics - Third Party Service

1 second


Google Analytics - Third Party Service

2 years


Google Analytics - Third Party Service

1 minute


Google Adsense - Third Party Service

1 hour


Google Adsense - Third Party Service

360 days

Disabling Cookies

There aren't options for disabling cookies without completely disabling this functionality. You can prevent the setting of cookies by adjusting the settings on your browser. Disabling cookies will usually result in also disabling certain features of websites.
Read more about disabling cookies for the most popular browsers:
Third-Party Cookie disabling:
How to manage cookies in Chrome -
How to manage cookies in Firefox -
How to manage cookies in Internet Explorer -
How to manage cookies in Safari -
How to manage cookies in Opera -

How You Can Manage Your Privacy Control

You can always manage, review, and update your information. Also you have choices regarding the information we collect and how it's used. Use links below for control and change this information by Google Services using on this website:
Your privacy information by Google -
Your activity control -
Manage your Google account -

More information: Google Privacy Policy -