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Hello and welcome to lingvofon.com. This is an online resource for learning foreign languages by yourself.
Maybe you want to learn a foreign language and don’t want to give up your comfortable life. Or you prefer not to spend a lot of money on a private tutor who will teach you according to his own rules. Is it possible to find an alternative for free? Is there the best way to learn languages on your own and get results for beginners?
If you think about it you're in the right place! Using our website you can make your individual study plan, work on assignments that match your language skills and avoid brain overload because you will keep control of your learning process. You can start practicing right now! It's fun, exciting and free!

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Italian is a Romance language that is known for its musicality and rich cultural heritage. Italian is spoken by approximately 70 million people worldwide (Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Malta, etc.)

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Slovene (or Slovenian) is the official language of Slovenia and has around 2.5 million native speakers. Learning Slovenian can improve linguistic skills and establish cross-cultural communication.

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Croatian is a South Slavic language belonging to the Indo-European language group. The Croatian language has many local words and expressions that reflect the history and cultural diversity.

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English is the language of international communication. It is studied all over the world. Knowledge of English opens the path to securing a good job. If you are learning English, we offer you tools that will help you with this.

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