Weekdays and Months in Slovenian

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Welcome to our Slovenian course for beginners! Today we`re going to talk about the weekdays and months in Slovenian in detail.
Slovenian names of the days of the week and months of the year are quite similar to those in many other European languages. So it`s not very difficult for speakers of other European languages to learn them.

Weekdays (Dnevi v tednu)

Monday - Ponedeljek
Tuesday - Torek
Wednesday - Sreda
Thursday - Četrtek
Friday - Petek
Saturday - Sobota
Sunday - Nedelja

Months (Meseci)

January - Januar
February - Februar
March - Marec
April - April
May - Maj
June - Junij
July - Julij
August - Avgust
September - September
October - Oktober
November - November
December - December


Here are a few additional tips for using weekdays and months in Slovenian:
Slovenian uses the 7-day week, which is common in many cultures around the world.
When discussing days of the week or months, you typically don`t need to capitalize them unless they appear at the beginning of a sentence.
To say "on Monday," "on Tuesday," etc., you can use "v ponedeljek," "v torek," etc.
If you want to say something like "next Monday" or "last Tuesday," you can use "naslednji ponedeljek" (next Monday) or "prejšnji torek" (last Tuesday).
Slovenian uses the 24-hour clock system, so when specifying times, you won`t need to use AM or PM.

These details will help you become more comfortable with using the days of the week and months in Slovenian. It will help you with various everyday conversations and scheduling activities. Good luck!