Telling time in Slovenian

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Welcome to our Slovenian course for beginners! Today we`re going to learn some basic useful phrases for telling time in Slovenian.

Being able to express time accurately is a crucial skill, so let`s explore various scenarios.


To ask what time it is now, use the following expression:
Koliko je ura? (What`s the time?)

To express the time on the hour, you generally use the word "ura" after the number. More about slovenian numbers is here.
For example:
Ena ura. (One o`clock.)

For half-past, you can say pol followed by the next hour.
For example:
Pol dveh. (Half past one.)

When telling the time with minutes, the word "ura" is optional. Minutes are stated after the hour, separated by the word "in" (and).
For example:
Dve in petnajst. (Two fifteen.)

To specify minutes past an hour, use the word "čez":
Petnajst (minut) čez dve. (Two fifteen.)

To specify minutes before an hour, use the word "pred".
For example:
Petnajst (minut) pred šesto. (Fifteen (minutes) before six.)

A quarter past is "četrt" followed by the next hour.
For example:
Četrt čez dve. (A quarter past two.)
Četrt na tri. (A quarter past two.)

A quarter to is "tri četrt" followed by the next hour.
For example:
Tri četrt na pet. (A quarter to five.)

Additional Phrases

To say "in the morning" (AM), use "zjutraj". Midnight is "polnoč" ("ob polnoči" - at midnight), noon is "poldan".
For example:
Zjutraj ob osmih. (In the morning at eight.)

To say "in the afternoon" (PM), use "popoldne".
For example:
Popoldne ob treh. (In the afternoon at three.)

To say "in the evening," use "zvečer":
For example:
Zvečer ob sedmih. (In the evening at seven.)


Be sure to practice these phrases and numbers to become more comfortable with telling time. Feel free to use these phrases in your conversations and exercises to build your confidence in telling time in Slovenian. Good luck!