Names of colours

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Welcome to our Slovenian course for beginners! Today we`re going to talk about colors in Slovenian.
Learning colors in Slovenian can be a fun and vibrant part of your language journey. Let`s explore some common colors along with examples.

Basic Colors

Rdeč (a/o) (Red)
Avto je rdeč. (This car is red.)

Moder (modra/o) (Blue)
Nebo je modro. (The sky is blue.)

Zelen (a/o) (Green)
Trava je zelena. (The grass is green.)

Rumen (a/o) (Yellow)
Sonce je rumeno. (The sun is yellow.)

Črn (a/o) (Black)
Noč je črna. (The night is black.)

Bel (a/o) (White)
Sneg je bel. (The snow is white.)

Oranžen (oranžna/o) (Orange)
Pomaranča je oranžna. (The apple is orange.)

Vijoličen (vijolična/o) (Purple)
Vijolice so vijolične. (Violets are purple.)

Siv (a/o) (Gray)
Oblak je siv. (The cloud is gray.)

Shades and Variations

Svetlo (Light) and Temno (Dark) are often added to colors to describe shades.
Svetlo modr(a/o) (Light blue)
Temno rdeč(a/o) (Dark red).

Additional Color Vocabulary

Rjav (a/o) (Brown)
Zemlja je rjava. (The earth is brown.)

Srebrn (a/o) (Silver)
Nakit je srebrn. (The jewelry is silver.)

Zlat (a/o) (Gold)
Medalja je zlata. (The medal is gold.)

Using Colors in Sentences

Now, let`s put some of these colors into sentences:
Moja najljubša barva je zelena. (My favorite color is green.)
Obleka je črna in bela. (The dress is black and white.)
Tvoj avto je modre barve. (Your car is blue.)
Kako vam je všeč ta rumen avto? (How do you like this yellow car?)

Remember, colors can be a fun and descriptive way to add vibrancy to your conversations. Practice using these colors in different contexts to build your vocabulary and fluency in Slovenian. Good luck!