Learn Slovenian fast by yourself

Level A1 will allow you to understand and use familiar expressions and simple sentences, communicate in simple conversations, and describe simple objects or situations.

About the language

Slovene, also known as Slovenian, is a South Slavic language spoken primarily in Slovenia, a country located in Central Europe. Slovene is the official language of Slovenia and is widely used in all aspects of public life, including government, education, media, and business.
Slovene belongs to the Indo-European language family and specifically to the Slavic branch. Within the Slavic languages, it is classified as a South Slavic language, along with languages such as Croatian, Serbian, and Macedonian. Slovene dialects are regionally diverse, and several distinct dialect groups exist across Slovenia.
Learning Slovene can be a rewarding experience for those interested in Slovenian culture, visiting Slovenia, or connecting with Slovene-speaking communities. While it may be less widely taught than other languages, there are resources available for those wishing to learn Slovene.