Italian Phrases for buying clothes

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Welcome to our Italian grammar course for beginners! Today we`re going to talk about buing clothes.

Knowing how to buy clothing in Italian is important for several reasons. At first, shopping is a social activity. Speaking Italian with shopkeepers and fellow shoppers creates opportunities for meaningful interactions. Also if you`re traveling in Italy, being able to shop for clothing in Italian ensures you can find the items you need and want, enhancing your travel experience. Clear communication with shopkeepers and assistants helps you find the right sizes, styles, and colors, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience. So let`s talk about how to buy clothing in Italian.

Below are the basic phrases you need to know for buying clothes in Italian.

Greeting and Asking for Help

"Buongiorno! Posso avere un po` di aiuto?" (Good morning! Can I have some help?)
"Ciao! Ho bisogno di aiuto." (Hello! I need help.)
"Buongiorno, posso chiedere un consiglio?" (Good day, may I ask for advice?)

Asking for a Specific Item

"Sto cercando una maglietta." (I`m looking for a T-shirt.)
"Vorrei trovare dei pantaloni." (I`d like to find some pants.)

Asking for Sizes

"Qual è la mia taglia?" (What is my size?)
"Avete questa maglietta in taglia M?" (Do you have this T-shirt in size M?)
"Avete questa camicia in una taglia più grande?" (Do you have this shirt in a larger size?)

Trying On Clothes

"Posso provare questi jeans?" (Can I try on these jeans?)
"Posso provarmi questa camicia?" (Can I try on this shirt?)
"Dove sono i camerini?" (Where are the fitting rooms?)

Asking About Colors

"Questo vestito è disponibile in altri colori?" (Is this dress available in other colors?)
"C`è anche una versione nera di questa giacca?" (Is there also a black version of this jacket?)
"C`è anche una versione blu di questa felpa?" (Is there also a blue version of this hoodie?)

Asking for Opinions

"Cosa ne pensi di questa giacca?" (What do you think of this jacket?)
"Mi consigli questi scarpe o quelli?" (Do you recommend these shoes or those?)

Asking About Prices

"Quanto costa questa maglietta?" (How much does this T-shirt cost?)
"Il prezzo è inclusa l`IVA?" (Is the price inclusive of VAT?)

Making a Purchase

"Posso pagare con la carta?" (Can I pay with a card?)
"Vorrei comprare questa camicia, per favore." (I would like to buy this shirt, please.)

Sizes in Italian

XS (extra small)
S (piccola)
M (media)
L (grande)
XL (extra grande)

Colors in Italian

More about colors you can read here.

Remember to use these phrases to communicate effectively with the shopkeeper and to clarify any doubts you might have. Using these phrases will help you navigate clothing stores with confidence and engage in enjoyable shopping experiences while practicing your Italian language skills. Happy shopping!