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Level A1 will allow you to learn and use familiar expressions and simple sentences, communicate in simple conversations, and describe simple objects or situations.

About the language

Italian (italiano) is a member of the Italo-Dalmatian branch of Romance languages. Renowned for its enchanting musicality, melodic flow, and abundant cultural heritage, Italian continues to captivate hearts worldwide.
The Italian language is spoken by approximately 80 million speakers across the globe, primarily in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Malta, Vatican City, Slovenia, and Croatia. Moreover, there are sizable Italian-speaking communities in various countries globally, such as the USA, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Australia.
While Italian boasts a standard literary form rooted in the dialect of Florence, it encompasses a vibrant tapestry of regional dialects and variations.
Italian has a sound system and grammar that resemble those of other Romance languages like Spanish and French, yet it diverges in its plural noun endings.
Italian is written with the Latin alphabet, augmented with additional letters (à, è, ì, ò, ù) to indicate vowel quality or stress.
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